About Me

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my Literature Blog, Moonlight Fog✩. I am Elizabeth, a relatively young and passionate explorer of the mysterious book realm. 

About Moonlight Fog:

Here, my dear reader, I would love to reveal the reasons – which might even be innumerable – why literature tempts me so much. I will try to be brief. It is an unforgettable, full of wonder and life, inspiration. I believe that the right book, at the right time, during the right stage of one’s life, is capable of turning the world around. During such an equilibrium, a book might reveal some answers that an individual was seeking long ago, open the door to discovering one’s personality, or just simply give this tender “hug” of support and understanding. 

I do not believe that Literature is obsolete.

I believe that Literature is magical. 

I am sorry for such a deviation, but I did want to set the foundation of our future relationship. I wish to be the one who can inspire you, my reader, the way the books inspire me. But, please, be aware, this blog is also my literary journey. 

In my opinion, literature is a lantern standing on the path of understanding ourselves and the world. Like a mellifluous, mysterious moonlight, it can inspire us with its intimate glow or let us see its melancholic side. It is both light and fog that makes us love and doubt. It is the road of life - a route of continuous contemplation.

My Blog and I

If you are still interested in my identity, then I shall no longer keep it secret. There is nothing mysterious about me, though. I am just a gentle student currently living in California. My hometown, however, remains Moscow, the capital of Russia. 

Please, do not be surprised by the numerous Russian literary works I am going to explore here. It is my native language, which makes me reminiscence about my pleasant childhood and questions my identity. I moved to the U.S. not long ago and spent just three years accumulating in the country setting. One of the numerous reasons I am so attached to Literature, I will confess, is its role in making me interested in studying English. Such a glimpse into remarkably different perspectives on the world spotted a new light on my youthful personality. 

Blog Themes

Let me also touch on some of the Blog’s themes. Here, I would primarily examine the pieces of classic world literature. It would have a review format with the book’s synopsis, thematic elements, analysis, and thoughts. 

Another probably unique aspects of this blog (since I have not noticed it anywhere else) are my music suggestions and color theme.

 I tend to read books with a music background to improve my reading experience and create a specific mood.

 As for the color theme, I usually associate things with colors – same works with the books. It is a combination of feeling and knowledge of the color meanings theory that states that every color has its own significance. Interestingly, I found out that my color choices do match this theory, so I decided to employ it in my blog as well. 

  I would try my best to keep a light and wholesome atmosphere of open-mindedness with a pinch of sophistication^^ 

Welcome, my dear reader☾